How to construct 3D representation of the scene with more than 2 images?

asked 2016-12-24 22:10:45 -0500

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From a video, I have took three images: i1, i2 and i3. The steps in getting the keypoints in each of the image are:

  1. I detect keypoints from i1 and track it with optical flow up until i2.
  2. From i2, I added more keypoints (good keypoints from i1 still exist) and track it up until i3.

Then, from the corresponding keypoints in i1 and i2, I managed to build the 3d representation. So, using the same pipeline, of course I also managed to reconstruct the 3d representation from the corresponding keypoints in i2 and i3. So, I want to build a scene using these 2 reconstructed 3d scene.

I have done a little bit of reading, and I stuck in some parts. So, I know I will need to call the solvePnPRansac. I have done book keeping during optical flow and knows which keypoints in the reconstructed 3d scene (between i1 and i2) are present in i3. So, I will need just to pass the reconstructed 3d points with the corresponding i3's keypoints to solvePnPRansac. From there, I can get the rotation and translation of the reconstructed 3d scene with respect to the i3's camera. From there, what should I do?

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What is your goal? There are lots of things you could do, but what do you want from it? And is it not something that the SFM module could do?

Tetragramm gravatar imageTetragramm ( 2016-12-26 10:30:58 -0500 )edit

My goal is more into trying to understand the essence of the SfM first. Because of that, I am not using the more complete library that already has the pipeline implemented. I also want to tweak a lot of stuff and experimenting. That is why I am using OpenCV since it is more general (has other CV algorithms) and I can try many things with it. Also, I am using mac and having problems to build the OpenCV with the SfM module. Or do you have any idea in what is the best library I can used to achieve my goal?

Hilman gravatar imageHilman ( 2016-12-26 18:59:00 -0500 )edit

If you're wanting to learn, it is best to do things for yourself. I would say the next topics to explore are bundle adjustment, and refining the 3d locations with more than 2 observations. Bundle Adjustment is what you do with more frames, and once you've adjusted everything, you finalize the 3d locations with all the observations.

Tetragramm gravatar imageTetragramm ( 2016-12-27 02:59:21 -0500 )edit