OpenCV Ip Camera Image Deterioration

asked 2013-04-01 10:34:23 -0500

Danilo gravatar image

I have successfully connected with a IP camera using OpenCV. If I just show the image using imshow, then it's all fine... But if I try to do some CPU processing with the image (I equalize the image and run a face detector...), the image starts to deteriorate (I keep getting ac-tex damaged in the console)... Is starts to blur and blur and blur... I dont know why this is happening. I can confirm that this does not happen when getting images from my iSight camera (I am running on a iMac...) Besides that, I am having a really weird time with OpenCV. The face detection doesn't seem to work when I run the app in Release mode. I am on Windows 8 and using VS 2010.

Can someone shed some light at these problems?

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