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How to use createButton ?

asked 2012-08-01 09:03:09 -0600

George Profenza gravatar image

I'm currently going through the samples and looking at how to add GUI elements. Starting from connectedcomponents.cpp I've managed to get understand how a trackbar works. Now I'm trying to add a button. Here's a basic snippet:

void on_button(int, void*){
    cout << "click" << endl;
//in main

Before I got some link issues related to QtCore/QtGui. I've updated the OpenCV port to 2.4.2 with qt4 and the link error is gone and I can see some nice Gui elements in the namedWindow, but I can't see the button I created. Any hints/tips on what I'm doing wrong ?


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Hmm, just noticed the Button shows up in the Display Properties Window. Any way to get the button to display in the same 'vbox'/container with the trackbars ?

George Profenza gravatar imageGeorge Profenza ( 2012-08-01 09:14:49 -0600 )edit

My bad, clear case of RTFM on my side. Found this page explaining how createButton works. As far as I understand a button will always end up in the control panel, correct ?

George Profenza gravatar imageGeorge Profenza ( 2012-08-01 14:40:09 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-08-14 05:28:33 -0600

George Profenza gravatar image

As far as I understand from the docs the buttons will always be in the control panel.

OpenCV Qt support

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