How to compare two contours irrespective of scaling factor

asked 2016-09-16 06:40:45 -0500

Dharasis gravatar image

I have two images(a human shape contour,drawn from a human image and another contour i had drawn from my captured image from by camera). I used Canny Edge detection to find the edges of the image first then i found the contours using findContours method I got the following output after drawing-

Human Shape Contour: C:\fakepath\IMG_0531.jpg

My captured image Contour: C:\fakepath\IMG_0530.jpg

Now am using matchShapes method to find the matching between two contours.I am getting value 1.944,it is obvious that it is calculating the total contours present in my captured image which are of the objects present. I want to find the whether the captured image contour contains the shape as that of the human shape contour,so that i can be able to know whether my captured image is a person or not.

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