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saving TIFF tags in header?

asked 2016-09-13 11:13:02 -0600

pmh4514 gravatar image

When saving an OpenCV mat, is it possible to add TIFF tags to the header? I need to store pixel dimensions in the image header.

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answered 2016-09-14 03:52:00 -0600

kbarni gravatar image

updated 2016-09-14 10:51:57 -0600

The TIFF format is very powerful and versatile. In addition to storing image metadata, it allows storing multiple channels, different data formats, etc.

Opencv's imwrite is a handy little function to save an image, but it won't allow you to do complex operations like metadata handling and exotic formats (like multispectral data).

Fortunately there is the libTIFF library, which is quite easy to use and it can handle any kind of TIFF data.

You can find several tutorials for using this library (e.g. here)

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Thank you.

pmh4514 gravatar imagepmh4514 ( 2016-09-14 10:34:32 -0600 )edit

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