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Header files missing

asked 2013-03-01 10:00:24 -0600

Sahar gravatar image

Hi I'm new to openCV ,I've downloaded version 2.4.3 ,And I followed the steps in the tutorials of installing ( here : ) and creating a project with openCV ( here : ) I used the first method for installation the problem I'm facing is when I'm trying to debug the example in the 2nd tutorial ( here : it can't find the header files. I browsed them on the machine and Found that they are not existed can you please suggest a solution for this ? should I download another version or try the second method for installation as it may give some other features.

Sorry it it seems a trivial question but this is since I'm a beginner Thank you for advance.

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answered 2013-03-01 10:23:30 -0600

berak gravatar image

updated 2013-03-01 10:29:13 -0600

if you're using the prebuild libraries, point your "Additional Includes" at opencv\build\include, not opencv\include. the tutorial is wrong there, it's not your fault!

similar for the libs. that would be like : opencv\build\x86\vc9\lib or whatever os/compiler you use

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