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hi I want to measure depth with OpenCV Stereo_match algorithms that are available in the examples(Cpp) I use. but Input data can not be detected in below loop:

if (argc < 3)
    return 0;

Inputs have been introduced in the form below:

const  char* algorithm_opt = "var";
const  char* maxdisp_opt = "1024";
const  char* blocksize_opt = "3";
const  char* nodisplay_opt = "1";
const  char* scale_opt = "1";


const char* img1_filename = "left110.jpg";
const char* img2_filename = "right110.jpg";
const char* intrinsic_filename = "C:/Users/farzad/Desktop/camera_calibration/camera_calibration/camera_calibration/intrinsics.yml";
const char* extrinsic_filename = "C:/Users/farzad/Desktop/camera_calibration/camera_calibration/camera_calibration/extrinsics.yml";
const char* disparity_filename = "disparity.jpg";
const char* point_cloud_filename = "point_cloud.xml";

where is the problem from???? thanks.

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your code in incomplete! Please include necessary code in your question!

Balaji R gravatar imageBalaji R ( 2016-09-07 03:02:20 -0500 )edit