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face tracking with ip camera

asked 2016-08-26 04:34:56 -0500

Hello everyone,

I'm new with opencv and I'm developing an opencv project to performance a face detection. I have already reached the face detection with my axis ip camera but now, I would like to track the camera to the posittion of the face marker in the opencv window, when the user is moving around. So what I want to do is: continuously check if the face detection marker(an ellipse) is centered in the image showed and if it's not centered, move the camera(sending the proper HTTP command to the camera).

My question is : Is there any way to check if the ellipse marker of the face detection is centered in the image showed??

Thanks in advance!!

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answered 2016-08-26 04:56:58 -0500

Yes it is possible. Simply said, an ellipse that is drawn, is drawn with a Point() parameter specifying the ellipse center. Simply check if that marker is close to Point(imagerows/2, imagecols/2)! Calculate the euclidean distance and set a threshold on that!

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Asked: 2016-08-26 04:34:56 -0500

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