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as it says in the book: Android Application Programming with OpenCV Chapter 1 Page 23 about building the OpenCv samples with eclipse:

If we are working on Mac or Linux, the C++ samples might be misconfigured to use the Windows build executable. The symptom is an error message such as Program "{ndk}/ndk-build.cmd" not found in PATH . The solution is to right-click on the project in Package Explorer, select Properties from the context menu, select the C/C++ Build section, and edit the Build command: field to remove the .cmd extension. These steps should be repeated for all the native (C++) projects, which include OpenCV Sample - face-detection and OpenCV Tutorial 2 - Mixed Processing.

Although in my case I only add the NDK path and leave alone the cmd extension.

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My OS: elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya (Ubuntu 14.04)