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To determine intrinsic parameters, you need to capture many images of the same chessboard, in different positions. If the auto focus seems to be a problem, try to put your chessboard always in the same distance from the camera.

To evaluate the extrinsic parameters, you need the 3D coordinates of chessboard. Usually, without any other transformations, the 3D points used are (0,0,0) for the first corner of the chessboard, and ``logical'' position for the others, ie: (1,0,0) if you use a logical basis, or (2.5,0,0) if you have corners of size 2.5cm for a metric basis, etc.

For the laser line, you can evaluate the coordinates of the line with the extrinsic parameters, with the chessboard, but what is your purpose? If you move the camera, the 3D coordinate (extrinsic parameters) will changed. Could you please describe your setup with the laser? Where the objects will be, is the camera moving, is the laser line moving?