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Hi pistorinoj,

you write that you are "using the videoinput library with OpenCV 2.4.3". I have been searching the web for days and have not found a single person or a piece of code demonstrating how to do that. It would be of great value for me (and probably others) if you could post a short example of how to do this. I've tried using the VideoCapture approach and it fails horribly in almost every case where I would need it (e.g. setting exposure, gain, Logitech functions like RightLight, auto-exposure, getting the webcam's name etc). All this worked fine in OpenCV2.1.0 with the then-external videoInput library.

As for StevenPuttemans' answer ("Yeah and about 90% of those comments are people using OpenCV for the first time, not going trough documents and trying to use the older C - style OpenCV 1.x API.") - think before you sneer... OpenCV is still very, very, VERY weak when it comes to addressing webcams' properties and the videoInput library had solved lots of these problems for YEARS.