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Simple Steps:-(Indirect Method)

  1. Download/Install(Extract) OpenCV for Android (you might already have it)
    Download :-here Documentation :- here
    Version 2.4.11 is recommended.
  2. Open you Android Project on Android Studio. Import Module (Files >> New >> Import Module) Browse the path to the samples Folder inside OpenCV for Android Folder and Select any one of the Samples
    eg :-OpenCV-2.4.11-android-sdk\OpenCV-android-sdk\samples\15-puzzle
    While importing keep everything checked.
    This will automatically add OpenCV Libraries Module to your project.
    Now you can delete the 15-puzzle module (this is optional).
  3. In the gradle file of your app add dependency :- compile project(':openCVLibrary2411')
    dependencies { compile project(':openCVLibrary2411') }
  4. Now you can Import openCV classes in your project