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I am new to openCV and had the same problem using openCV 2.4.10 with Visual Studio Express 2013 on a Windows 7, 32-bit platform. If I made a simple program without using OpenCV, the program ran but when I used OpenCV I got the missing DLL error. @kraster might have solved the issue but wanted to share this answer for others.

I tried a lot of options as suggested on related posts:

None of them worked for me. The following post made things clear:

I guess the problem I had was not with my Visual Studio but my OpenCV. The OpenCV was compiled on a version of visual studio which required MSVCP110.dll. I could have tried another version of OpenCV or compiled OpenCV again using VS2013 but I was short of time. Instead, I found the dll file elsewhere and placed it in my system32 folder. This fixed the problem. However I won't recommend downloading the dll from external website due to security issues.