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I have this questions too :( . But i do a lot of experiments. I found a linear trend between the resolution and Repr.Err. Like you if i reduce the resolution, i have a smaller Repr.Err. I use a Canon EOS400 which full resolution is 3888x2592, i take 20-25 shoots changing inclinations of pattern ( i use a micro pattern 20x20mm more or less, symmetric and printed on glass, so the circles are perfect), with this settings i have a Repr.Err around 0,24. If i reduce the resolution to 972x648(4 times smaller) the error drops to 1/4 , approximately to 0,06, and if i reduce to 1944x1296( two times smaller) i have a Repr.Err = 0,12. I repeat this for a lot of set , i think that there is a correspondence . Maybe the explanation could be in the image with full resolution we have in the same space more pixel so the error is bigger, but i don't find any official document who explains this better.