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Hi there, here a short tutorial how to fix the error.


  • Download the latest version of Opencv with git: git clone git://

  • Install Cmake, then start the cmake gui.

  • Click Configure and chose your ide and setup everything like in the InstallGuide.

So , here is the part i couldn't find in the documentations:

Add a new Entry: Type Boolean Name BUILD_NEW_PYTHON_SUPPORT Checkbox = true

Add a new Entry: Type String Name CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Value = RELEASE

Now press generate.

Now you got a projectsetup. Follow the instructions in the installguide to compile.

Search for the pyd or so file and add it like normal to your python installation.

  • Add the new opencv debug and release folders to you path.
  • Add the folder which contains the pyd/so files to your path. Now you should be able to use the Face Recognition