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In opencv3.0.0 beta, i saw a option of build world libray.I like it. I found my problem was only happened in my PC. Following was my solution: 1.Can't download ippicv---download it from web, i think it is company firewall problem. 2.Unzip file error --- in my home,the second time was okay using Cmake,but my office was not. my way was compress file to tar format, then get md5, then alter downloader.cmake file elseif(WIN32 AND NOT ARM) set(OPENCV_ICV_PACKAGE_NAME "ippicv_windows_20141027.tar") set(OPENCV_ICV_PACKAGE_HASH "f6511e273c71594cbf57856f0d4d4f5e") set(OPENCV_ICV_PLATFORM "windows") set(OPENCV_ICV_PACKAGE_SUBDIR "/ippicv_win")