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thanks, as you said The problem is that the matchTemplate() result is a float point single channel Mat

so I needed to normalize the mResult vector.

the solution is:

void TemplateMatch(){

mFind=new Mat(256, 192, CvType.CV_8UC4); Input = new Mat(256, 192, CvType.CV_8UC4);

Mat mResult8u = new Mat(256, 192, CvType.CV_8UC4);

mResult = new Mat(217, 153, CvType.CV_8UC4);

Utils.bitmapToMat(bmp2, mFind); Utils.bitmapToMat(bmp1, Input);

Imgproc.matchTemplate(mFind, Input, mResult, Imgproc.TM_SQDIFF) ;

bmp3= Bitmap.createBitmap(mResult.cols(), mResult.rows(),Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888); Core.normalize(mResult, mResult8u, 0, 255, Core.NORM_MINMAX, CvType.CV_8U); Utils.matToBitmap(mResult8u, bmp3); iv2.setImageBitmap(bmp3);