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This is duplicate of, but it seems that we have to give the full explanation...

OpenCV Manager is the way of distributing the official OpenCV. It is reliable, binary compatible, hardware accelerated and so on and so forth. Some optimizations are closed-source, but included into the binaries on Google Play. That means that nobody except the official OpenCV team needs to build the OpenCV Manager. If you're changing something in OpenCV, it is actually not OpenCV, but OpenCV' :) So, if you really need to change something in OpenCV, you're actually creating your own library. And you can do whatever you want with it. You can link it statically, dynamically, but you'd better give it another name.

If you want to experiment with the library - try to use static initialization. This will help you to play with your own OpenCV build, but without building OpenCV Manager. Anyway, I would suggest you to create another library and use it as other C++ libraries on Android. Another way, if you want to contribute something to OpenCV for Android, make a pull request, and if your stuff is good, it will be added to the official version on Google Play.

So, you will never get instructions on how to build OpenCV Manager, simply because this is pointless activity. The only case you need to build the Manager, is if you want to help us develop it (as I mentioned, you can develop OpenCV without OpenCV Manager). But this is completely different story :)