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Actually, the OpenCV NuGet package should work just fine. The reason you don't see any DLLs when you first download the package is because OpenCV NuGet downloads them by demand at build time using the strategy adopted by CoApp.

This avoids having to download all possible combinations of platform/architecture when you just want to build vc11-x86. This helps ameliorate a bit the phenomenon of having binary distributions with hundreds of megabytes.

The way the package works is you just install it onto a VC++ project and hit build. It should work for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. The advantage of the NuGet package is it automatically configures include and lib folders and also deploys the right versions of the binaries to the output directory of your currently specified target. It is to my knowledge the closest thing to a plug-and-play experience you can have on Windows and Visual Studio.