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  1. no

  2. no, again. you have to give the desired positive size to the createsamples tool, and make an annotation txt file with image / object rects (to be cropped later), e.g. using the annotation tool fom the apps. again, both positive and negative images can have arbitrary size

  3. no, the createsamples tool will do that for you

  4. you need a realistic background (it has too learn that, too !)

  5. the more, the better. (don't try with 50 only)

  6. yes. you can vary the pose, say, +- 20%, but if you need a detection from the right, and also a detection from the left, you need to traiin 2 seperate classifiers

have a look at the docs, it's all explained there !

last: it's 2019 now, and you probably should retrain a (SSD style) cnn for your purpose. the cascades are somewhat "on the way out" , e.g. latest opencv does no more contain the tools to train those.