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there are several "layers" of dependancies to an opencv program:

  1. the opencv libs
  2. 3rdparty helpers, like libjpeg
  3. 3rdparty libs, like fmpeg, gstreamer, gtk, qt

and ways trying to get around those (but it means, you have to go back to building opencv first):

  1. you can build the opencv libs using cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF. this won't need any .so 's at runtime, but you have to link your own program manually (careful, order of libs when linking matters !)

  2. while building the opencv libs (again !), you can choose flags like : cmake -DBUILD_JPEG=ON , so it won't rely on your system's (or rather- the other boxes' ) jpeg / png / zlib install

  3. this is, where you can't do much. if you linked your prog against gtk.X.X.X, you NEED the same version on your other box, too -- no way around it, unfortunately ;(