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i guess, you want to pause the videostream, not the processing loop ?

maybe all it needs is a slightly different control-structure:

bool paused = false;
    if ( ! paused ) {
        frame = cvQueryFrame(g_capture);    
        if(!frame) break;
        cvNot(frame, frame);
        //cvCopyImage( frame, temp );  // what is this for ? you're drawing into 'frame', right ?
    //cvShowImage("saida", temp);
    cvShowImage("saida", frame);
    char e = cvWaitKey(33);

    // toggle pause with 'p'
    if( e=='p' ) paused = ! paused; 
    // close video with'esc'
    if( e==27 ) break;

(also, what steven said, please use the c++ api instead!)