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1st of all the focal is related to the lens and not to the camera.

2nd your issue is related to "Depth of Field" which is related to aperture of the lens. This is the f-number of your lens and is aperture and not focal !

"Depth of field" is depth range where your objects are on focus (without blurring)

Larger aperture = small Depth of field

So you can close the aperture of the lens to its minimum to get deepest field for your system (cam+lens)

As side effect you will have a darker image because less light comes to the camera trough the small aperture of lens. Remember this simple rules:

  • large aperture, like f/2.8 = lighter image = small depth
  • small aperture,like f/16 = darker image = large depth

You should remember also that large aperture means small f-number