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Turn out that there is a python script call located at: /opencv-3.1.0/platforms/android.
With this script you will be able to created your own android sdk.
Before started I had to install ant (a build tool in the java ecosystem).
For the NDK I used the version r10e.

I wanted to turn ON OpenCL to have some performance improvement. So inside the script look for DWITH_OPENCL and change the flag from OFF to ON. I also had to turn off DBUILD_ANDROID_EXAMPLES and DINSTALL_ANDROID_EXAMPLES because I had some issue with them.

I created a folder opencv-build-android and inside this folder I invoke the script like this:

../opencv-3.1.0/platforms/android/ --ndk_path $ANDROID_NDK --sdk_path $ANDROID_SDK . ../opencv-3.1.0

be careful to the . before ../opencv-3.1.0

I hope It will help you !