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The core team focuses mostly on library support: reviewing contributions and issues, keeping infrastructure working. Resources are quite low, so there is no public roadmap available, but you can check GitHub milestones, meeting notes and GSoC ideas to get main development directions.

Community can suggest bug fixes, new algorithms and modules on GitHub. Most of new functionality is considered experimental and should be put into opencv_contrib repository. One can use GitHub to discuss contributions and vote for them. Decision about integrating is made by core team with taking in account argumentation provided in pull request.


3.0.0-rc1 should not be considered stable. 2.4.x and 3.x are not compatible, but transition can be done quite smoothly (guide). All 3.x releases since 3.0 should be backward compatible, we have ABI check on buildbot for this (not applicable to opencv_contrib).

Functional compatibility is way more complex question, in many cases it can not be achieved at all. If you think MSER gives you wrong results, you can file a bug report on issue tracker. Adding new cmake/compile flags is a bad idea, because each flag doubles the number of build configurations. Instead we are trying to move towards modular structure, for example you can create your own module with older versions of some algorithms, build OpenCV with it and use them in your application.