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Hi! My answers are below.

Is it possible (regarding the tool used for this forum) to create a range of like 3-4 stickied topic on top of the question page?

It is possible and it is very interesting idea. If you want to create such topics let me know. The main problem with current materials is the size of OpenCV team. All OpenCV core developers are very busy. So we very rarely have a time to create some documentation. I can add all needed materials to our web-sites but OpenCV community should develop them themselves.

Make it possible to append a discussion area?

I don't believe in such type of resources. We tried to do it with Yahoo group. Could you argue this idea?

Why not use this information to create usefull guides?

We don't have enough time and enough donations :-((( to do it. But if you want to help us, it will be great. If you want to develop any tutorial or guide I will help you.

If you have more particularly questions you can address them to me directly: