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I'm new in this forum so first of all: Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help.

I'm currently developing a c++ project (Xcode project over mac osx) with opencv to process an "axis v59" ip camera. I have problems to connect my aplicattion with the camera. This is the code I'm using:

cv::VideoCapture camera;""); if (camera.isOpened()==true) { cv::namedWindow("camera"); int key = 0; while (key != 27) { cv::Mat_<cv::vec3b> image; camera.grab(); camera.retrieve(image); cv::imshow("camera",image); key = cv::waitKey(10);

    printf("No se puede leer la senal");

When I execute the code I obtain this: "WARNING: Couldn't read movie file"

The camera is configurated to not need user and password for viewer login. I have tried to recibe that url from VLC and from my browser and it works perfectly.

Do you have any idea of wha I'm doing wrong??