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2014-07-18 06:45:23 -0500 commented answer Detecting LED array

Tried it but due to different illumination the delate/erode parameters have to change for some images, thats not very convenient for my task.

2014-07-18 05:57:03 -0500 commented question Detecting LED array

No, different cameras and focal length.

2014-07-17 07:25:41 -0500 commented question Detecting LED array

Thx Steven, but detecting only the red ones is not my problem. I need the coordinates from all 110 LEDs no matter if they're on or off.

2014-07-17 07:13:42 -0500 asked a question Detecting LED array

Hey guys,

im working on a project (Qt & C++) to detect an 10x11 LED array in an image. I need the (center)coordinates from each LED to measure the time. I tried several methods (HoughCircle, contour detection, blob detection) but non of them is robust enough to detect all 110 LEDs due to changes in illumination, reflections on the LEDs and noise in the image. Has anyone an idea how to deal with this?

My image roi looks like this:

image description