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2014-09-13 04:27:51 -0500 commented question Double installation of OpenCV 2.4.9

did you try changing the environment variable $OpenCV_INCLUDE_DIRS ?

2014-09-13 04:10:42 -0500 commented question How to add pedestrian recognition feature to the library

Also id love it if someone helped me understand the Itseez/opencv branch names .

how will i know where the facerec.cpp present in contrib module in the 2.4 branch went in it came to the master branch ?

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2014-09-13 03:23:06 -0500 asked a question How to add pedestrian recognition feature to the library

I wanted to add a new feature to the openCV library . namely , the pedestrian re-identification method discussed here .

Where do i start?

i have gone through the coding style guide. i have forked the repo . and created a new branch.

which module should i add the feature to?

how much progress should i make before sending a PR ?

im a noob to contributions. sorry for any stupidity.

2014-07-27 10:33:18 -0500 commented question latest highgui.hpp missing imread declaration.

@ berak - i did do that.

and this is just for future reference... as i intend to go out on an adventure soon..

cant i do "git checkout master" and then make the opencv library again to change into the latest library.

or do i have to run sudo make uninstall from the build directory.

how do i find whats diff between the branches and what does master mean?

2014-07-23 12:25:24 -0500 commented question Installing on Ubuntu 14.04: 'make' errors


what is the response when you do the git clone?

2014-07-23 12:22:16 -0500 answered a question How to link own build OpenCV instead of ros-hydro-opencv

i think


might solve it.

2014-07-23 06:53:54 -0500 commented answer cannot run compile opencv program

it did. thanks @berak ! :)

2014-07-22 11:04:17 -0500 commented answer cannot run compile opencv program

but it dint make a difference the newly installed file system still dint contain any file with imread declaration.

2014-07-22 07:45:28 -0500 answered a question cannot run compile opencv program


encountered the same error. if i do a git checkout what would happen? would opencv 2.4.9 based codes run on it?

2014-07-22 07:30:02 -0500 asked a question latest highgui.hpp missing imread declaration.

for installing opencv i pulled from git.

on running the simple display image program , i ran across the imread() cant be resolved error.

in older versions, i have seen imread declared in highgui.hpp

the present highgui.hpp i downloaded contains this:



include "opencv2/core.hpp"

///////////////////////// graphical user interface ////////////////////////// namespace cv {

// Flags for namedWindow enum { WINDOW_NORMAL = 0x00000000, // the user can resize the window (no constraint) / also use to switch a fullscreen window to a normal size WINDOW_AUTOSIZE = 0x00000001, // the user cannot resize the window, the size is constrainted by the image displayed WINDOW_OPENGL = 0x00001000, // window with opengl support

   WINDOW_FULLSCREEN = 1,          // change the window to fullscreen
   WINDOW_FREERATIO  = 0x00000100, // the image expends as much as it can (no ratio constraint)
   WINDOW_KEEPRATIO  = 0x00000000  // the ratio of the image is respected

// Flags for set / getWindowProperty enum { WND_PROP_FULLSCREEN = 0, // fullscreen property (can be WINDOW_NORMAL or WINDOW_FULLSCREEN) WND_PROP_AUTOSIZE = 1, // autosize property (can be WINDOW_NORMAL or WINDOW_AUTOSIZE) WND_PROP_ASPECT_RATIO = 2, // window's aspect ration (can be set to WINDOW_FREERATIO or WINDOW_KEEPRATIO); WND_PROP_OPENGL = 3 // opengl support };



// Qt font enum { QT_FONT_LIGHT = 25, //QFont::Light, QT_FONT_NORMAL = 50, //QFont::Normal, QT_FONT_DEMIBOLD = 63, //QFont::DemiBold, QT_FONT_BOLD = 75, //QFont::Bold, QT_FONT_BLACK = 87 //QFont::Black };

// Qt font style enum { QT_STYLE_NORMAL = 0, //QFont::StyleNormal, QT_STYLE_ITALIC = 1, //QFont::StyleItalic, QT_STYLE_OBLIQUE = 2 //QFont::StyleOblique };

// Qt "button" type enum { QT_PUSH_BUTTON = 0, QT_CHECKBOX = 1, QT_RADIOBOX = 2 };

typedef void (MouseCallback)(int event, int x, int y, int flags, void userdata); typedef void (TrackbarCallback)(int pos, void userdata); typedef void (OpenGlDrawCallback)(void userdata); typedef void (ButtonCallback)(int state, void userdata);

CV_EXPORTS_W void namedWindow(const String& winname, int flags = WINDOW_AUTOSIZE);

CV_EXPORTS_W void destroyWindow(const String& winname);

CV_EXPORTS_W void destroyAllWindows();

CV_EXPORTS_W int startWindowThread();

CV_EXPORTS_W int waitKey(int delay = 0);

CV_EXPORTS_W void imshow(const String& winname, InputArray mat);

CV_EXPORTS_W void resizeWindow(const String& winname, int width, int height);

CV_EXPORTS_W void moveWindow(const String& winname, int x, int y);

CV_EXPORTS_W void setWindowProperty(const String& winname, int prop_id, double prop_value);

CV_EXPORTS_W double getWindowProperty(const String& winname, int prop_id);

//! assigns callback for mouse events CV_EXPORTS void setMouseCallback(const String& winname, MouseCallback onMouse, void* userdata = 0);

CV_EXPORTS int getMouseWheelDelta(int flags);

CV_EXPORTS int createTrackbar(const String& trackbarname, const String& winname, int* value, int count, TrackbarCallback onChange = 0, void* userdata = 0);

CV_EXPORTS_W int getTrackbarPos(const String& trackbarname, const String& winname);

CV_EXPORTS_W void setTrackbarPos(const String& trackbarname, const String& winname, int pos);

// OpenGL support CV_EXPORTS void imshow(const String& winname, const ogl::Texture2D& tex);

CV_EXPORTS void setOpenGlDrawCallback(const String& winname, OpenGlDrawCallback onOpenGlDraw, void* userdata = 0);

CV_EXPORTS void setOpenGlContext(const String& winname);

CV_EXPORTS void updateWindow(const String& winname);

// Only for Qt

struct QtFont { const char* nameFont; // Qt: nameFont Scalar color; // Qt: ColorFont -> cvScalar(blue_component, green_component, red_component[, alpha_component]) int font_face; // Qt: bool italic const int* ascii; // font data and metrics const int* greek; const int* cyrillic; float hscale, vscale; float shear ... (more)

2014-07-22 06:07:14 -0500 commented question imread() declaration / definition / location

yes i would love to know this as well. my IDE gives me an error saying imreaqd cant be resolved.

running ubuntu 12.04 and eclipse helios.

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