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2015-10-20 10:39:23 -0500 asked a question How to recognize traffic sign when it is small in image sequence ?

Hi all, I am working on traffic sign recognition using template matching. I am able to find correct result when vehicle is near to traffic sign. But when it is away, means candidate is small in image, result is poor & false. So,please suggest how should i approach ( any algo, idea, concept etc..) to solve this problem. For reference please see cropped taffic sign from image sequence ( to make it easy ). How i can make to recognize correctly at/before image 1 or brfore image 2 ? Any suggestion, i am just 3 month old in computer vision. Thanks in advance.

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2014-09-21 20:14:12 -0500 asked a question opencv_ffmpeg249_64d.lib is missing from 'bin' folder in 2.4.9 version

Unable to build programme in release and debug mode, every time gives a following error Debug mode : error LNK1181 : Cannot open input file 'opencv_ffmpeg249_64d.lib' Release mode : error LNK1181 : Cannot open input file 'opencv_ffmpeg249_64.lib' Using visual studio 2013 professional, opencv 2.4.9 & WIndows 7. What should i do ???

2014-06-11 11:56:09 -0500 answered a question Circle Detection using live vision camera

Hi, I am beginner to opencv. I am learning above code but on compiled, i got following error,

  1. vector is not type ( include<vector.h> is included )
  2. invalid markers at Rect r= boundingRect(contour);

what is best way to understand the codes means like in java we used to look at API.