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2017-03-30 20:42:52 -0500 asked a question linking error using opencv3.2.0 Android NDK

So i think i have the environment setup correctly. I am now getting a bunch of these errors

libopencv_core.a(arithm.cpp.o):arithm.cpp:function cv::hal::add32s ... ... libopencv_imgproc.a(color.cpp.o):color.cpp:function TegraCvtColor_rgb2bgr_Invoker::operator(

In the 3rdparty folder there is a libtegra_hal.a file that i can add to the ld options. But.....I am not developing on tegra. Is there another generic hal library that i can link against? It worries me that the libopencv_imgproc.a is hard coded to use i need to actually download the source and rebuild opencv3.2.0 if i am working on a non-tegra device?