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2012-11-07 11:07:03 -0500 answered a question OpenCV 2.4.3 MinGW cannot run program

I had a similar problem, windows 7, MinGW 4.7.2 (the newest version).Except I could not run any opencv version. Such that after I compiled my code the program just crashes right after execution. Continually receiving errors from libstdc++ and opencv core module.

I downloaded the libstdc++ from (which I happen to stumble upon). I replaced my current libstdc++ with the downloaded one, this resolved the crashes and opencv seems to be working now.

It seems there is some problem with MinGW 4.7.x libstdc++ and windows 7. As this is not the first post of opencv/mingw/windows7 that appeared recently on the net. Hope this helps


2012-11-07 10:00:14 -0500 asked a question OpenCV2.4.2 crash Windows 7

Good day

OpenCV is crashing. I can build successfully, I can even run IplImage and cvCreateImage but as soon as I use the Windows interface such as displaying an image the program crashes with problem at libstdc++-6. I have tried an older version of OpenCV and experience the same problem.

Any suggestions?

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I also have a problem with libstdc++-6.dll and not being able to run the compiled program. (Windows 7 32bit, mingw4.7.2, Opencv2.4.3)

2012-11-07 08:23:29 -0500 commented answer findHomography gives an error libstdc++-6.dll entry point missing

you can run "mingw-get update" in cmd

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2012-09-08 06:20:47 -0500 asked a question OpenCV2.4.2 and IPL_DEPTH_1U

Good day

I know that OpenCV did not always support IPL_DEPTH_1U. I just want to know if all functions support IPL_DEPTH_1U now. Such as cvErode etc. Like in cvFindContours they specify only 8 bit images, is that correct?


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2012-07-16 07:58:58 -0500 answered a question findHomography gives an error libstdc++-6.dll entry point missing

Updated from MINGW32 version 3.17 to MINGW32 version 3.18 seems to have solved the problem.

Still unsure what the cause was, if someone can maybe point out a possible cause?

2012-07-16 05:58:44 -0500 asked a question findHomography gives an error libstdc++-6.dll entry point missing

Good day

When using the function findHomography( obj, scene, CV_RANSAC ) the following error occur:

"The procedure entry point __ZNSt8__detail15_List_node_base11_M_transferEPS0_S1_ could not be located in the dynamic link library libstdc++-6.dll."

I am running Windows7, MinGW, Codeblocks and Opencv2.4 and using the code:

Except for the include which I use:

#include "stdio.h"
#include "iostream"
#include "opencv2/core/core.hpp"
#include "opencv2/highgui/highgui.hpp"
#include "opencv2/nonfree/features2d.hpp"
#include "opencv2/nonfree/nonfree.hpp"
#include "opencv2/legacy/legacy.hpp"

if I use the include in the code the SurfFeatureDetector becomes undeclared with various other functions.


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2012-07-07 17:31:19 -0500 commented question cv::Mat Error(mat.hpp)

icedecker: In Opencv2.2 no matter what I do I get the same error, but none the less I moved to OpenCV2.4.2 correcting the includes solved the cv::Mat error but now I get a "The procedure entry points _ZNSt8 _detail15 List _node _base11 _M _transferEPS0 _ S1 could not be located in the dynamic link library libstdc++-6.dll"

I am trying to compile the code find_obj.cpp which appears in the Opencv2.2 samples. I recently updated my MinGW to version 3.18 and gcc to version 4.5.2. Any suggestions?

2012-07-07 07:59:31 -0500 asked a question cv::Mat Error(mat.hpp)


I keep receiving Undefined reference errors on functions such as cv::Mat::copyTo and other in mat.hpp.

Basically my opecv works perfectly except when I declare cv::Mat. I had OpenCV2.2 then upgraded to openCV2.4 but the error persists with cv::Mat. Can someone please assist me.


PS. Running MinGw and CodeBlocks in Windows 7.