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To make it coloured, simple convert it using:

Mat color; cvtColor(image,color,CV_BayerBG2RGB);

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2014-05-21 09:08:49 -0500 answered a question Creating Regions of Interest (ROI) by clustering fragmented contours

Edit: I managed to develop my own code based on your approach. But it doesn't handle multiple objects: if multiple contours are created in many parts of the image, my algorithm only creates a really large ROI, not multiples ones. Do you have any idea how could I include the nearness information to merge only the neineighborhood contours?

Thank you!

Hi @Will Stewart. Really nice work!! Have you shared your code yet? I'm really interested in it. I'm working in a master degree thesis where I'm trying to track indoor soccer players, using background subtraction for detection. Unfortunately, I'm not able to merge the numerous contours that a player has into only one bounding box. Your solution seems really promising. Could you give me more details about it, or share you Java code with me? My e-mail is: pedhenrique at gmail dot com. I'd be really grateful. Cheers!