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2013-04-12 04:58:17 -0600 asked a question DescriptorMatcher enable Cross Check

I'm using OpenCV with support for Java Desktop. I'm trying to match key points of two different images with DescriptorMatcher. Then I'm applying the Good Matches check and everything works fine. But I've noticed that exists another methodology to eliminate bad matches, the name of which is Cross Check.

1) Is it possible to activate it on definition of matcher?

I've also tried to create my own function, that performs the Cross Check, but something is wrong my code as it returns only 1 match.

2) What can be wrong in the following code?

DescriptorMatcher matcherknn = DescriptorMatcher.create(DescriptorMatcher.FLANNBASED);
matcherknn.match(d1,d2, matchesknn12);
matcherknn.match(d2,d1, matchesknn21);
List <DMatch> matches12 = matchesknn12.toList();
List <DMatch> matches21 = matchesknn21.toList();
List <DMatch> filteredMatches = new ArrayList<DMatch>();

for( int fk = 0; fk < matches12.size(); fk++ )
    DMatch forward = matches12.get(fk);    
    DMatch backward = matches21.get(forward.trainIdx);
    if( backward.trainIdx != forward.queryIdx ){

2013-03-18 07:07:30 -0600 asked a question major version 51 is newer than 50, the highest major version supported by this compiler

Hi, I have installed OpenCV 2.4.4 with support for Java Desktop from executable file. So i haven't compiled the OpenCV source. When I'm trying to run my project, I'm getting the next error

major version 51 is newer than 50, the highest major version supported by this compiler

As I'have understood, the OpenCV that I have installed was previously compiled by with java 7. Am I right? So I have to migrate for java 7 too? Is there OpenCV 2.4.4 for java 6 without need of compiling source?

2012-10-24 11:42:03 -0600 commented answer Java: How to set parameters to ORB FeatureDetector?

Looks like I had a bad-formated yml file, because I've tried same thing with xml file and it worked.

2012-10-17 10:14:56 -0600 commented question How to clone opencv's git repository

@homegate Check your network configuration, maybe there is some proxy that is blocking the access

2012-10-15 05:25:48 -0600 commented answer Java: How to set parameters to ORB FeatureDetector?

The version which I've installed doesn't include, because It is not Android OpenCV. It is a new version of OpenCV with support for Java desktop applications.

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2012-10-15 05:14:03 -0600 commented answer Java: How to set parameters to ORB FeatureDetector?

Rui, I have to create yml file by my own, because I can't import package org.opencv.test. Is it possible to know if; failed? I'm asking it because I can't see any changes in results, neither exceptions.

2012-10-15 04:26:27 -0600 asked a question Java: How to set parameters to ORB FeatureDetector?

As it says in the documentation, in OpenCV there is a constructor called ORB, where I can specify a lot of parameters. But I'm using Java and I can't find how to specify those parameters. All I can to is to initialize detector with:

FeatureDetector detector = FeatureDetector.create(FeatureDetector.ORB);

So how I can specify parameters from the documentation? Is there another way to initialize ORB feature detector in Java? Thanks.

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2012-10-11 05:30:33 -0600 asked a question Opencv Java exception

Hello I'm getting next exception when trying to run java project that uses opencv libraries:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no opencv_java in java.library.path
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
at org.opencv.highgui.Highgui.<clinit>(
at teste.main(

Can it be caused of wrong installation of opencv? Or maybe some import is missing? I'm trying to follow instructions from here. Also I'm using Windows 7 and I want to create a simple Java project in Eclipse(not Android)

  • So I've extracted javacv from OpenCV-2.4.2.exe file to C:\
  • Then executed "cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DBUILD_opencv_java=ON C:\opencv" command and after that, "mingw32-make". Everything was build without errors or warnings
  • After I've added opencv dll's to my Environment Variables

Thanks for your attention

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2012-10-08 06:06:21 -0600 commented question How to clone opencv's git repository

Looks like the network to which I was connected was blocking access to repository. After connecting to another network I didn't get this error anymore. But still don't understand how I insert public key in my acconunt page. Is this step useless?

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2012-10-08 05:06:40 -0600 asked a question How to clone opencv's git repository


I'm trying to clone opencv's git repository. I'm following stepts from here. But I'm stack on this point:

Because on my account page there is no option to input RSA key with "Create" button. And when I'm clonning repository I'm getting next error:

fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=No error

So how can I solve this problem? Thanks