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2012-07-06 17:34:27 -0500 asked a question OpenCV for Windows (2.4.1): Cuda-enabled app won't load on non-nVidia systems

For simplicity of build and installation of our OpenCV-based appliction, we would like a single build of code to run on any Windows PC and take advantage of CUDA when it is available. So the code falls back on slower OpenCV calls when the PC doesn't have nVidia hardware. However, if you set WITHCUDA, the opencvcore241.dll tries to load "nvcuda.dll" which is distributed with the driver and hence not available. That prevents our app from successfully loading and running, even though we would not have executed any CUDA code on that non-nVidia machine.

Is the only solution to have two builds of our app, one using CUDA-enabled OpenCV DLLs, and one without?