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2014-06-25 08:02:39 -0600 commented question Read image from framegrabber

Really? Yeah, i'm using it on Windows. I'm using a wireless camera and have a receiver connected to the framegrabber by the CVBS wire. Did you try something similar? If yes and it's working, which driver did you use?

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Easycap USB 2.0

2014-06-10 13:49:40 -0600 asked a question Read image from framegrabber


Does anyone knows a straightforward method for getting an image from a framegrabber on opencv? For now, the best method i found is : 1/ Open the camera with another software (i use matlab) 2/ Use DVdriver to create a virtual webcam displaying the images from the framegrabber 3/ Display the virtual webcam on OpenCV

This is really not convenient, i hope someone found a trick. Thanks =)

2014-05-20 17:58:34 -0600 asked a question destroy a mousecallback

Hi everyone,

In an MFC application i sometimes have to start and stop my camera. The frames are displayed in a MFC picture control which is linked to an opencv Window. So far, so good. I used the mousecallback to perform some algorithms and it works

The only problem is that when i stop the camera and destroy the opencv window, the program bugs. I guess it's because i set the mousecallback on that windows which no longer exists. So my question is, how can i destroy the mousecallback?

Thanks beforehand =)

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Wow thanks man, you saved me some precious time!

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2014-05-03 05:13:52 -0600 asked a question cv::Mat to hBitmap


I need to transform a cv:Mat picture into a Bitmap or hBitmap, in order to display it inside of a Picture Control, for a MFC application (C++). I searched online; but what i found is mainly for IplImage. Any suggestions?

Thanks Beforehand =)

2014-05-03 05:09:41 -0600 answered a question Capture issue -> BSOD

Actually i found the problem, the image grabber was not considered as a camera. I used a software called DVDriver to make the conversion and it works just fine now. Thank you guys for ur suggestions =)

2014-05-01 03:54:10 -0600 commented question Capture issue -> BSOD

Actually i used VideoCapture interface first, but since it was not working, i tried cvCaptureFromCAM as well. Same result for both: - Working with my PC's webcam - BSOD when trying to access the other camera Any other idea?

2014-05-01 02:35:37 -0600 asked a question Capture issue -> BSOD


I'm using OpenCv 2.4.8 in VisualStudio 2010 under Windows8. My goal is to get an image from a camera fixed on a UAV. It's a small Sony camera similar to that one :Camera This camera sends the data via a TS351 emitter, which i receive by a RC305 receiver. Finally i use an EasyCap USB 2.0 to get the image on my computer.

I tried to receive the image on Matlab and it works just fine; but now i need to get it on my c++ program. When trying to reach my computer webcam (device 0), no problem at all; Opencv works fine, but when i try to open device 1, although it works on Matlab; it bugs on OpenCv, opening the camera by the following code:

capture = cvCaptureFromCAM( 1 );

And when I say it bugs, well it really does.. Blue screen of death everytime.

I really don't get it, and i'm not familiar with the different types of video data; so any help will be good to take =)

Thank you!