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Great looking! Thanks for trying to improve, only hurdle for me is understanding the mathematical equation and working with matrix value, I applied distortion optics algorithm but not make sense of how the algorithm is working, by changing the value it deforms the image differently. Also im unsure the terms remap, map or transformation matrix. However you are greatly welcomed, your answer & comments are hoping me to climb up. Thanks!

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Thanks! How would the cvwarpPerspective effect do? Creating image effects by own is difficult? Any direction to write code for creating own effects?

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Very fortunate to know about Open CV. Has lot more advantages 1, IOS support 2. BSD license 3. Q A Forum etc.. Everything is fine. Hoping your support for the below.

Im building an iPhone app just simply like Fat booth and to achieve the distortion effect on facial parts, I built the opencv framework for ios and is working fine.

Basically I know Objective C language since native language of iPhone/mac os platform. Spent around couple of week to write code for distortion, I believe Warp Perspective or Perspective geometric transformation will have to work on this, Still there is not concrete solution or no pin point I made here. Now feel like no way around to get away this since i'm not mathematical grad and these functions/classes under open cv are all seems mathematical computation.

Please any one can point me direction to go forward. Thanks!