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Thank you Matrin. :)

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Hey Martin,

I'm researching about these librarys becayse I got this college project, it don't have to be something complicated.

The camera whould be static. For the purposes of this project the weather conditions wouldn't be important, but maybe day/night conditions.

The system will not work in real life, but I need to proof that I can get the license plates of the cars.

My research had change a bit, and now I won't require speedy cars, but catch the plates at a speed between 12mph and 22mph.

As this project is not going to be use I will not use a powerful camera.

Do you think that I can achieve these tasks with OpenCV, or would I need some other library? I've seen other librarys like GOCR.

2014-03-24 13:36:16 -0500 asked a question imagen processing

is it possible to recognize the plates of spedding cars whith these libraries?