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Actually, changing the camera's setPreviewCallback instead of using the onProcessFrame method should work fine as well.

2012-12-11 11:54:37 -0500 answered a question tuto Android 4.1.1 + OpenCV 2.4.2 + Nexus S

Lately I tried my Android app with opencv 2.4.0 on Jelly Bean and I got the same error. I solved it by removing the following two lines in ViewBase.setPreview

     mCamera.setPreviewTexture( new SurfaceTexture(10) );

and replaced it with


Now it's not possible to write to the SurfaceView that was originally used for the preview because the canvas is constantly locked. So I removed the writing-to-the-canvas stuff from the ViewBase's thread and registered a callback in the View which is executed in onProcessFrame so that I have the image data some where else. Now I can process the image data and write it to another SurfaceView which overlays the original camera output.

2012-09-25 12:45:06 -0500 commented question tuto Android 4.1.1 + OpenCV 2.4.2 + Nexus S

I tried to run the camera0 app with the same setup and it didn't work (tried 2.4.0 before). I think there is a problem with the camera preview as 15-puzzle did work without problems