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2013-01-30 22:46:35 -0500 asked a question Compare two images of different sizes and different resolution


I want to compare two images of different size and resolution ,but having some similarity.. I am doing the code in OpenCv and VC++..Is there any functions available for this task.. I need some measure of match between the images ,so that I can assess whether they are similar or not??

Could any one help me Please....

2012-12-14 06:34:55 -0500 asked a question segment objects from a grey level image

I have a background subtracted frame, from which I have to isolate or segment objects, I have to save the pixels values of each object separately .I have tried contour detection but I couldn't save pixels of each object separately.Could any one help me.

2012-11-06 23:40:28 -0500 asked a question imread() returns -1 in opencv 2.3
int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    Mat src, dst;
    if( ! )
        { return -1; }

I am using the above code to read an image in opencv 2.3 using imread(),but it returns -1.

Can anyone help me??

2012-09-29 07:21:44 -0500 commented answer Error: msvcr90d.dll can not be find

I hav installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Setup, but i couldnt find msvcr90d.dll on C drive .Please help me ..

2012-09-28 09:43:49 -0500 commented answer Error: msvcr90d.dll can not be find

msvcr90d.dll is a dll in VS 2008, DO i need to install VS2008 ? And is it lib\debug to which i hav to copy the dll?

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2012-09-25 04:20:17 -0500 asked a question Error: msvcr90d.dll can not be find

I have installed Visual Studio 2010 and linked OpenCv 2.1

It works fine with image processing programs.But while i run a simple video capture program ,i get an error "msvcr90d.dll canot find".

Any clues on the problem?