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2014-02-25 10:37:45 -0500 asked a question Load CSV file as cv::Mat

I save a cv::Mat as a CSV file which works fine, but when I go to load it and convert it back into a cv::Mat something is being corrupted. When I print out the contents of the cv::Mat they are different from that of the csv file. And when I show the Mat object I get a wide white window.

cv::imwrite("cameraFrame1.jpg", frame);"cameraFrame1.csv");
outFile << cv::format(frame, "CSV") << std::endl;


CvMLData mlData;
const CvMat* tmp = mlData.get_values();
cv::Mat img(tmp, true);

std::cout << "img: " << img << std::endl;

cv::imshow("img", img);
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2014-02-19 10:25:56 -0500 asked a question Running Pleora EBus SDK samples all timeout


I'm currently trying to use the pleora sdk in order to connect to a FLIR AX5 thermal camera. I've tried to run all of the sample programs, found in ebus_sdk/share/sample. However, when I attempt to run them I am able to select the camera but all of the connections timeout.

But I am able to run the GEVPlayer without any issues.

I am running ubuntu 12.04

EBus_SDK Pleora_eBUS_SDK_2.2.3.2436_redhat-EL-5.4-64bit