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2014-04-02 16:08:16 -0500 commented answer PCA for authentication.

We can tweak into the code, are all the codes available to us for changing, or incorporated inside object files .lib we use in windows. If you can guide on this.

2014-03-30 12:09:31 -0500 commented question Face recognition using Eigen faces error Image step is wrong

Hi, Did you find any solution ? I am also facing the same error. Although I think I have done the necessary things, all my training images are in greyscale and of same size. Then test image which I am capturing is also converted to greyscale and then resized to the size required for testing. But still its showing the error.

And the most strange thing is, It working in Windows with no error. The above error is for Ubuntu 12.04.


2014-03-30 00:45:39 -0500 commented answer PCA for authentication.

Have you understood the question ? I want the confidence of test image with all the training class.

2014-03-27 06:58:37 -0500 asked a question PCA for authentication.

Hello all, I have used PCA for recognition successfully. I was wondering if we can use it for Authentication. What I mean, I want to get a degree of match of the test sample with all the existing training classes. like 79% for class 0, 60 % for class 2. At present it give output as class that has highest match. I want to get matching percentage with all the training classes.

Thanks, -Piyush

2014-02-19 00:34:49 -0500 asked a question How to get latest OpenCV on raspberry pi ?

Hi, I want to ask how to install latest version of opencv on Rpi. I have searched for it, but they all have shown to be installing opencv 2.3 . And also if you can tell what are the packages just required to run the opencv code. I dont want to install all the development environment on Rpi. I can develop code elsewhere and just run on Rpi. Please reply, Thanks