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Hi, thanks for the answer. Are those NVIDIA optimization also acting on non-Tegra SoC? Because currently I'm developing on a Galaxy S2 device and as far as I know, it doesn't have a Tegra SoC..

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Hi, Until now I used OpenCV4Android coupled with the opencv manager to experiment with ORB features performance on android devices. Now I need to modify an opencv function (for testing) so I switched to OpenCVLoader.initDebug() interface (instead of OpenCVLoader.initAsync()), by linking "" inside android project libs. Everything works fine as expected (currently I've done no changes to opencv source yet).

The only problem regards speed. No matter which options I use to compile opencv from trunk, if I link from my opencv build, I get almost half the framerate from my feature detector android program. To be sure it wasn't my fault, I extracted "" from apk file inside OpenCV4Android SDK (exactly, I extracted it from OpenCV_2.4.9_Manager_2.18_armv7a-neon.apk which is mainly a zip file) and linked it to my android program (no changes made, only linking with extracted Doing this I get full speed back. It seems that the build options of the openCV manager optimize the code same way..

The question is: which options have been used to build opencv manager? Or better, the libraries used during Manager compilation? Currently, the options used to build OpenCV_2.4.9_Manager_2.18_armv7a-neon.apk? I tried any option available (I think), especially the NEON ones, with no improvement. Also, if I link obtained from "OpenCV-2.4.9-android-sdk\sdk\native\libs\armeabi-v7a\" I get the same issue, so this means that opencv manager has been compiled with different options.

As additional note, if I install opencv manager from play store, it says my device uses armeabi-v7a with NEON.

These are the options I tried so far compiling "" from latest repository (I'm using Ubuntu):


I need to know with options have been used to compile the library used in opencv manager. I don't need to recompile the manager, only to recompile the same way.



P.S. maybe has intel IPP been installed and used inside library building? This is the only thing I didn't try yet...

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