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thanks for that advice. i now explained it in more detail.

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Hi to all, I started to do some examples with opencv2 (on a RaspiPi + Camera) a few days ago and till now things worked. But now I stuck with the following (as the Pi is kind of slow for that process):

I want to export a trained model with e.g. FisherFaces (pictures trained as FaceRecognizer) stored in a "fisherFaces.yml" file to get the prediction done by others. So is it possible to feed the predict(InputArray...) method in "fisher_faces" with that file and distribute, so to offload that part of program to other devices?

They should then just calculate (as norm fct. in fisher_faces) the distance from the current picture in the video screen to the one in the model (so the precalculated model). In the end those computation-slaves should send back the distance-result. The pi then should only put together the pieces in a small program where it compares distances and select the minimum one.

Or is there any other functionality / libraries to embed which facilitate distributed face rec.? I'd be very grateful!

Thanks, andy