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@chnbr @Tetragramm We inevitably fixed this by increasing the size of our codes... We still have the issue sometimes, but are filtering it using temporal smoothing. It is working okay, unfortunately I think the only way to truly fix something like this is to use stereo vision. I've tried a lot of different methods in attempt to "pick" the right perspective, but none really worked aside from the temporal approach. Thank you for the help though Tetra.

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@Tetragramm Yes, I have calibrated the camera, I will try re-calibrating in case it wasn't sufficient. The video flickers between the correct and incorrect direction, I will say that it is usually correct. The board is pretty darn straight too. Is there any way to account for these errors in software? Or, for example, If I know how the camera is oriented in the world, can I exclude (or fix) the incorrect marker result?

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2017-01-20 18:04:07 -0500 asked a question Aruco: Z-Axis flipping perspective

I am trying to do some simple AR with Aruco tags and I am having trouble determining the correct perspective.

The problem occurs when it is unclear which side of the tag is closer to the camera.

For example, in the image, the two codes are on the same plane pointing the same direction, but the z-axes are pointed in different directions (The code on the bottom is showing the correct orientation):

Image is posted in comments, I don't have high enough karma for links yet.

I am not doing anything fancy, just a simple detectMarkers with drawAxis call for the results.

What can be done to ensure I don't get these false perspective reads?