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2014-01-10 23:35:21 -0600 asked a question OpenCV4Android 2.4.8, native camera broken?

Hi all.

I'm trying to run 'native-activity' demo from 2.4.8, built on NDK r9b. Currently tested on THL W8 Beyond (4.2) and Galaxy S (2.2), getting black screen on both.

Java code is working fine, but I need native camera support. What are my options? Should I try earlier versions?

2014-01-06 06:52:18 -0600 asked a question How to build OpenCV4Adroid SDK from git?

Hi all.

I've cloned the current git but can't get, how to build it. No docs, no ideas.. is build system requires some kind of cross-platform cmake setup to be done first?

2014-01-04 22:18:00 -0600 commented answer HTC One, OpenCV & Native Activity

I think there are some reminiscents of this in 2.4.8 - got the same crash

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2014-01-02 02:24:48 -0600 asked a question Is cv::VideoCapture meant to be used from console, pure native Android app?

Hi all.

I need to implement camera capture in an Android application, which is pure C++/NDK. Does cv::VideoCapture's underlying code has any prerequisites, like being started from Android activity, etc?