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2013-12-26 14:49:47 -0600 asked a question Body Tracking Algorithms without RGB?

I have an Xtion Pro, which provides a depth sensor but not an RGB sensor. I would like to perform body tracking using OpenCV, and I only want to detect only upper body (torso and up). I have one moving camera at a fixed height (chest-level to the person). I have researched several ways of doing so such as: HOG, LBP, HAAR, latent SVM, and Kalman tracking. I would like to find out however if these methods can be implemented in an algorithm without an RGB sensor. If so, which methods would you suggest and why? If not, are there other methods using only depth sensing?

Thank you for your time!

2013-12-24 08:07:59 -0600 commented answer How to start programming with OpenNI/OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Okay but how would I go about integrating the two? I know very little about Raspberry Pi so I don't even know where to type code for OpenNI. I would really appreciate if you could offer me some details on this matter. Thank you!

2013-12-23 17:59:39 -0600 asked a question How to start programming with OpenNI/OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

I am a complete novice at using the Raspberry Pi but I have a project that requires me to perform skeleton detection using an Xtion Pro (PrimeSense 3D sensor). I need to keep the Pi standalone. I have installed OpenNI2 and OpenCV 2.3.1. The sample programs for them work. First off, how do I configure OpenNI/OpenCV to work together. And then, how do I actually start programming? What do I have to use? What libraries should I add?