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2013-11-29 09:30:26 -0500 answered a question I do not find opencv jar file to work in eclipse linux

First, go to this link , then follow the instruction, until you type "make -j8"(include this command).

mark this carefully in the link:Besides all this will create a jar containing the Java interface (bin/opencv-244.jar) and a native dynamic library containing Java bindings and all the OpenCV stuff (lib/ or bin/Release/opencv_java244.dll respectively). We’ll use these files later.

You may confuse when you follow the ecllipse java setup instruction link:

Especially when you see this figure, You may wonder where to find the jar and the Native library location. image description.

Jar is in build/bin/, Native libary location your should choose build/lib. This is my setup snapshot:image description

That is all. Remember that after you download the sourcecode, you need to build it, otherwise you won't get the /build directory. I don't have tried setup this at Windows, but I think the .exe file will make the /build directory existed for you. Probably that is why the instruction take it for granted, which is not the case for linux user.