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2016-11-17 10:53:48 -0500 asked a question UUsing filter2D causes crash in some Android based devices


I am writing c++ Native code for Android using JNI interface. I am doing some image processing and among others using the function filter2D. I have noticed that in new Android devices this works good but in older ones such as Samsung Galaxy 4 I am getting crashes of dlfree. I have looked at the crash summary and found that the reason was heap corruption caused by opencv 3.0, that is the version I am using. I did many tests and proved it was filter2D that was causing the problem. Is there an alternative function? can you think of a reason why this is happening and only on older devices? (I have checked numerous newer devices such as Samsung Galaxy 6 and OnePlus2 and they work fine). I also made sure it is not OS related by updating the Android version to 5 in the older devices and downgrading it in the newer devices. The problem still occurs only in the older devices.