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2016-12-09 11:04:18 -0500 commented question Improve detection of microbes

can you suggest me a good filter algorithm @pi-null-mezon?

2016-12-09 11:03:12 -0500 commented question Improve detection of microbes

I am not very familiar with Fiji. Can I do programming there?

2016-12-07 09:33:01 -0500 asked a question Improve detection of microbes

Hello. I am currently working on a project that will detect microbes in a low contrast image. My problem is that unimportant parts of the image is also detected. What can I do to improve the detection capacity. I have here is the actual sample image. I have to detect those tiny yellowish white microbes and to not detect those little black shadowsimage description

2016-11-13 11:07:56 -0500 asked a question Does someone here has a working code for image identification using neural network by utilizing openCV libraries?

I am working on a project in counting microbes present in a sample using neural network through the help of openCV libraries but I am having a hard time doing the code structure. Could someone help me out by providing me sample codes or any advice which you think can help me in the conduct of my project.